Knowledge Bomb Dropped

Do you know who was once known as the ‘Godfather of internet marketing’ ?

He’s someone who is quite infamous online as being pretty much the guy who was responsible for inventing

  • One Click Upsells
  • Tracking pixels
  • Viral marketing techniques

(This was before in the pre Amazon and Google era of the internet)

He’s the author of over a dozen books on marketing and even created a PPC search engine years before Google

If you dont know who it is yet, his name is Mark Joyner

He also runs a productivity app called Simpleology

(if you are not already a Simpleology user you should be!)

Now I’ve met Mark in person a number of times on my travels, and he is a super cool guy.

When this opportunity came up to get his input on how to advance this business it was a no brainer.

To get an idea of how his mind works, watch this video where Eben Pagan interviews him

The knowledge bomb he drops in this short 12 min video could transform your business this year alone.

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