The Six Figure Cashmap Laid Out

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(PLUS How To Access $2878 Worth Of Plugins)

Tony Robbins often talks about something called ‘Modelling’.

Observing and mapping the successful processes which underlie an exceptional performance of some type.

In other words…

By copying those who are successful you begin to recreate their success.

And sure while this concept sounds simple enough, is great for motivating you and giving you direction, it is far from a road map to riches.

If done wrong you just get a surface level view of what that person did to get there. 

You wont see the countless hours of ‘behind the scenes’ work they put in

Nor will you know all their failures and all the mistakes they made so you don’t repeat them.

To get the real results you need to dig deep into the why’s and how’s of what made that person become a success.

Only then when you understand this, do you model the exact processes they went through.

They say it takes 10 years to create an overnight success. You better believe this is true.

And you can bet there was a ‘Long Day of Little Successes and Many Failures’ before hand.

If you just model on a surface level all you see is the glossy end result people like to call The ‘Overnight Success’.

Remember The 80/20 Rule?

Only 20 percent of what they did will have resulted in the majority (80 percent) of what you see.

Do you want to end up modelling the other 80 percent they did along the way which resulted in little to no results?

I wouldn’t. Modelling by appearances can be deceptive

However when you see both what works and what doesn’t work, you get the full picture

Which is why I’m sharing with you what I’m about to do over the next year.

The successes AND the failures. 

What works and what doesn’t.

Here Is What You Get

You will get Founder access to Fast Academy, where you see behind the scenes everything I do to make FastFlow a success and build a six figure software business from scratch.

You get to look over my shoulder as I build this campaign by campaign, launch by launch.

And while I will be building a software business, the strategies tips and tricks you discover will apply to any business. 

(infact I will be copy and pasting to my other online businesses in areas as diverse as music, meditation and wellness, which I’ll also share the results of with you)

You get Founders access to a private members site as I lay out everything I do which works to take a business from ground zero to six figures. 

You’ll also see what doesn’t work so you don’t end up making the same mistakes I do.

This will be a real time window through which you get to peer when you access the Fast Academy. 

The exact steps, processes and strategies I use to grow an online business.

The questions I ask of my mentors, (including the ‘Godfather’),  to propel this to the next level.

Download The Mind Maps I use for planning out campaigns

Get an inside view on how ad-spend will be decided

The split test results which create winners and losers

Shortcuts to writing headlines and sales copy

AND Ongoing access to future Fast Academy trainings.

These will include interviews with leaders in the field of marketing, copywriting, traffic generation and everything in between

But the strategy and process are only half the story…

The $2878 Plugin Bonus

You’ll also get all the software I use to build this business from the ground up which you can instantly install on your own sites.

You get an Agency Licence so you can go away and replicate what you see for your own clients and sell the results (if this is your current business model)

This means you can install and run the plugins on as many of the sites you both own and maintain, as you wish, and reap the rewards

What If I don’t have (or want to have) clients?

No worries here’s a cash generating Idea for you right now which you could put into use the moment you install just one of the plugins available.

An Instant ClickBank Shopping Cart

Did you know you can create a shopping cart with ClickBank?

Yes a proper bonafide ‘Add To Cart’ and checkout with multiple products type shopping cart.

Your Own Mini Amazon

Imagine your own mini Amazon, with affiliates ready to promote your products, both physical and digital, where you don’t even have to worry about collecting VAT or managing payouts?

Normally this takes some coding jiggery pockey (which you wont have to worry about) and it gives you the ability to have a complete web store which integrates with ClickBanks powerful affiliate platform.

Affiliates which can bring you a gush of sales overnight.

Yes this is what Fast WooClickBank can do for you – with no coding or complicated setup. 

If you can use WooCommerce and can use ClickBank then you can easily use this. Infact it makes selling your products on ClickBank a whole lot easier.

This plugin was developed for our own sites and has been running profitably for the past 3 years without issue

(yes this is how long ago ClickBank quietly released this little known feature).

In fact it’s been so flawless in the way it works we pretty much forgot it existed as it continues to bring in sales on autopilot.

We’ll be pulling together a launch for it later this year. You get access to it now where you could begin profiting from it without lifting a finger.

Nice idea? Well wait…

Cash In Advance

You could combine this with another of the plugins available – Fast Woocredit – and then turn your site into an even more wildly profitable credit based store.

(Credits can be used to sell anything from downloads to Yoga classes)

This would give you a double whammy for generating profits with your own set and forget affiliate system bringing you traffic straight into a credit based store.

You could have customers handing over cash in advance to get access to your downloads, products or services

And the beauty of the credit model is your customers happily paying you this cash in advance.

But wait there is another twist…

Paying You Every Month

Why not turn your credit store into a monthly recurring revenue (which you could easily do using Fast WooClickBank without any extra subscription plugins needed) and you have a triple whammy for pure profit potential.

And often customers will keep paying every month even when not using their credits, becuase they know the value they deliver and they dont want to lose all their existing credits if they cancel

(If thats how you choose to run things, but you don’t have to)

That’s just one profit pulling idea from a couple of the plugins you get today

But wait until you see what other plugins you get

Fast Flow Founders Access

When you access the Fast Academy you receive complete ongoing access to ALL Fast Flow plugins With Agency Licences

A Current Total Value $2659 per year…  (and this value will go up as more are added)

Currently there are over 20 plugins available to install instantly with another 15 in development including

Fast Flow Dashboard

This is the central point for all your Fast Flow plugins.

View important stats like traffic and sales data for available plugins in custom dashboards you can instantly whip up yourself.

This gives you a complete overview of your sales and marketing.

It lets you see where all the failure points are so you can cut what isnt working and focus on what does.

The Fast Flow Dashboard is a shortcut so you instantly know how to make more sales.

Alongside the Dashboard you can also segment your site users using tags and then sync your users with multiple CRM systems.

This kind of segmentation lets you instantly see who is buying and who may need a little nudge towards bringing you more sales.

Fast Flow Toolkit

Fast ClickDirect – URL shortener with easy A/B testing PLUS advanced integrations. Then track your campaigns in a custom Fast Flow dashboard which you can spin up in minutes.

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast Buttons – Create beautiful Dynamic CSS3 buttons with no effort or code. You can embed the buttons on any HTML based website and even set display different buttons based on Fast Tags. This means you can sync your site CTA buttons, download buttons and any other button with your CRM or sales system.

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast CountDown – Super quick simple text based countdown timers which can be based on first visit or a fixed date. You can then redirect to another page when the timer expires. They can be styled anyway you like inside using the WordPress post editor and are perfect for quick cash generating offers and sales.

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast PopOver – add any content to a popover and place it anywhere on your site. Create exit pops, entrance pops, timed pops, click based pops, button pops, link pops.

Iframe entire webpages inside a popover or add your post content just as you would with any other WordPress based content (using the WordPress Classic Post Editor).

Resize the popover and place it in any location on your screen. This is a versatile, quick to setup and powerful tool at your disposal which can be quickly used to maximise sales from your site traffic.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast GeoDetect – target your visitors from different locations with different content or redirect them to another page. Full country support (plus cities in the US).

Ideal for any business which makes global sales. Makes selling to EU countries a lot easier as now you can make sure don’t have to turn away sales because of VAT regulations.

Agency Licence Value $149

Complete Membership Platform

Fast Member – accept payments and protect your WordPress content. Take subscription payments. Offer unlimited products and bundles. Create Autoresponders and send Broadcasts for each product.

Fast Member also integrates seamlessly with all the other Fast Flow plugins in the Fast Flow system.

Plus you get all the enhancements and updates to Fast Member as we move towards Version 2 of this powerful plugin.

Agency Licence Value $299

Fast Flow Integrations

Fast Kartra Pro – Sync your Kartra leads with your Fast Member and WordPress users. Tag users in Kartra and have those tags show up in the Fast Flow dashboard.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast InfusionSoft – Sync your Fast Member and WordPress users with your InfusionSoft leads. Tag users in InfusionSoft and have those tags show up in the Fast Flow dashboard.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast Aweber – Sync your Fast Member and WordPress users with your Aweber leads. Tag users in Aweber and have those tags show up in the Fast Flow dashboard. (Full Aweber integration Coming soon)

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast ActiveCampaign – Sync your Fast Member and WordPress users with Active Campaigns powerful email marketing platform. Full support for lists and user tags

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast Sendy – Sync your Fast Member leads with the robust and powerful Sendy platform.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast WebHooks – now you can send and receive WebHooks directly into WordPress and integrate with your other apps and services – no programming knowledge required…

Think Zapier with no monthly fees and no CPZ (Cost Per Zap). If you already use Zapier, this alone could save you thousands per year (development in progress – full plugin coming soon)

Agency Licence Value $249

Fast Flow Payment Solutions

Fast Stripe – Requires Fast Member – Accept credit card payments directly on your site using Stripe. Offer true one click upsells instantly after purchase and any time in the future.

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast PayPal Pro – Accept credit card payments on your site with the PayPal platform (coming soon)

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast Thrive Cart – Integrate Thrive Cart with Fast Member. Accept payments on Thrive Cart and sync those with your Fast Member products. (coming soon)

Agency Licence Value $149

Woo Commerce Add Ons

Fast WooMember – integrate WooCommerce sales directly with FastMember. Sync sales both ways.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast WooDownload – Turn your product payment buttons into download/redirect buttons so your site users can instantly find the products they have purchased.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast WooCredit – Turn your WooCommece site into a powerful credit based store. Offer bundles of credit allowing your customers to pre purchase your products and services.

Agency Licence Value $149

Fast WooClickBank – integrate a WooCommerce shopping cart directly with ClickBank so you can sell multiple products, with full shopping cart and take advantage of ClickBanks powerful affiliate system.

Agency Licence Value $199

Content Control

Fast BlockControl – Show or hide WordPress 5 based blocks based on user tags. Sync the tags with Fast Member products or Woo Commerce products and create a dynamic website which changes based on your customer purchases and CRM interactions.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast BeaverControl – Show or hide any Beaver Builder content based on user tags or Fast Member products. Create a dynamic website which changes based on your customer purchases and CRM interactions.

Agency Licence Value $79

Fast Elementor – Show or hide any Elementor content based on user tags and Fast Member purchases. Create a dynamic website which changes based on your customer purchases and CRM interactions. (coming soon)

Agency Licence Value $79

Affiliate Management

Fast ClickBank Pro – This takes the pain out of creating ClickBank PayLinks (if you’ve ever created a pitch plus upsell you know those long URL strings are a nightmare to work with)

This also gives you an easy to manage affiliates center for all your Hoplinks. It’s a double whammy super useful plugin for anyone who does ClickBank marketing

Agency Licence Value $149

Full Ongoing Access

All these plugins together with full Agency Licences are worth $2878 per year… you get full ongoing access…

Over the lifetime of your business this could easily save you in excess of five figures, not to mention the profit you could be making by just putting a few of them to work in your projects.

You get them ALL included when you join as a Fast Flow Founder

PLUS EXTRA BONUS: The Profit Prophet

We can’t put a price on the Profit Prophet, but the value will reveal itself the first time you use it.

This is a powerful process which will forcast your ability to profit from any paid traffic campaign you plan to launch. 

I originally stumbled upon this strategy from a UK serial entrepreneur who was reknowned for his business savy. (He sold his first brick and mortar business for £30 Million)

At the time he was spending over £30,000 a month on adwords and he used this process to see at what point in his funnel he would be in profit so he could ramp up his ad spend at will.

After gaining access to this inside system I refined it into a powerful Interactive System which I will share with you.

This process has saved me from losing thousands in wasted advertising spend.

Instead I use it to predict if a campaign will crash and burn or (go onto win big) before I even begin.

Gee Dave Thats A Lot Of Plugins, Wont I Get Overwhelmed?

Not at all. You can install them as needed. You just install the Fast Flow Dashboard plugin and the others are handled through an automated 1 click system.

You don’t even have to upload them each time. Plus Every plugin has step by step instructions on how to use. 

How Can You Make Such Bold Claims?

Remember how I mentioned masterminded the Fast Member launch which grossed $80k in a week?

Wouldn’t you like to witness what happens as I do launch after launch for the multitude of plugins I’m about to release. 

(the plugins you are going to get pre launch access to right now when you jump on board)

Just think if one plugin can do $80k worth of sales in 1 week, what can over 20 plugins do in 1 year.

Especially when I have the strategies and input from someone who has over 30 startups to his name and pioneered 3 billion dollar industries.

Imagine getting front row seats where you get to see campaign by campaign what works and what doesn’t.

And you get all the software which makes it happen.

How Much Is The Investment?

Here is what it wont cost you

No Months of trial and error
No Costs for split testing or advertising
No expensive coaching programs – my mentor is demanding $5000
No investment needed in the software which can be used to sell your own products and services and has a value of at least $2878 .

You won’t need to invest even a quarter of this.

Your commitment is a minimal $1000 for everything.

WARNING: This offer wont stay at this price for long. This is limited to 3 people then it will jump by another $100.

Then just grab the popcorn and watch as I build a six figure business while you copy and paste what works into yours.

You could spend twice this on testing Facebook or Google ads and still not break even.

Instead, you get what works laid out for you, plus the software to make it happen

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. It might be the most insanely appealing guarantee you’ll ever see.

While I can’t guarantee your results from what you’re about to get to access too, I’m going to guarantee mine

If I don’t make at least 6 figures by the end of the year then I’ll refund you in full.

And you’ll get to see what I did wrong in the process.

But when I pull this off, which I have absolute unshakable confidence I will, you’ll get to witness the most crazy wild ride to six figures and beyond.

One which you can rinse and repeat as you see fit.

It’s like a 12 month guarantee with no commitment on your part.

And you get to keep all the software I use to do it.

How’s this for fair?

Order Now

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