Fast WooCredit

Fast WooCredit Pro Overview

Credit Store Payment Gateway

Fast WooCredit Pro gives you a credit based payment gateway for your customers to checkout with their credit balance.

When activated it will automatically disable any currency based purchases if your customers add a credit based product to their cart.

This means only one type of product can be checked out at any time and stops your customers mixing up their credit and currency based purchases.

The gateway offers further settings to set a credit top up destination. If your customer does not have enough credit to place their order a link or button will be displayed which directs them to a dedicated credit purchase page.

You can also set the plugin to become a credit only store and all currency based values of the credit products will be replaced with the credit value.

Overall these options give you a streamlined and professional looking credit store which is clear and direct for your users to purchase products with their credit balance.

Create A Store Credit Bundle Based Product

Creating a Credit bundle is quick and easy with Fast WooCredit.

Here is how to create a Fast WooCredit product in three simple steps.

Step 1 
Create a new WooCommerce Product.

Step 2 
Select the product type – in this case we will use the simple product. Fast WooCredit supports variable products and subscription products when used with the WooSubscriptions plugin.

Step 3 
Enter the price of the product and set a credit value. This is the amount of credit the customer will receive after payment.

Set any other relevant product settings, such as Virtual or shipping. 

Once done hit save.

Note that Fast Product Credits Expiry option can be used to reset a user’s credit balance to zero after specified number of days.

You now have a product ready for your customers to add to their cart and checkout with. Once purchased they will have a credit balance to purchase credit items from your store.

Sell A Store Credit Based Product

Selling credit based products is as simple as selling any product on WooCommerce. 

You can sell Single, Variable and even Subscriptions (with the use of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin).

Below is a three step quick guide for selling your credit based products. 

Step 1
Select the product type. In This example we will use the Simple Product.

Step 2 
Enter the price for your product.

Step 3
Select ‘Credit Purchase’ and enter a credit value. This is the amount of credit the customer will pay and will be deducted from their credit balance.

When your settings are entered you can hit update and your product is now ready to let your customer purchase it with their credit balance. 

Note that customers who are logged in and have a credit balance are displayed the credit price. 

Customers who are not logged in are displayed the currency price. 

Making a Credits Only Store

You may wish to allow customers to only make purchases from your site using credits. If so you can set the settings in the Fast WooCredit Pro payment gateway to create a credit only store.

Step 1 
Go to WooCommerce Settings and then to the Payments tab. 

Step 2
Click the Manage button next to the Fast WooCredit Payment gateway.  

Step 3 
Scroll down and make sure the credits only store checkbox is marked as ticked. Click on Save Changes.

Now you have a fully functioning credits only store. 

You can view a full tutorial on the Fast WooCredit Pro payment gateway here.

You may also choose to allow customers to instantly purchase the credit product and bypass the shopping cart altogether. Check out the Instant Credit Purchase tutorial here.

Instant Credit Store Purchases

With Fast WooCredit Pro you can let your customers bypass the WooCommerce checkout and instantly redeem their credits with immediate access to any landing page you choose.

You can set this up in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Choose a product type and set the ‘normal’ price. In this example we will stick with a simple product. Set a price your customers would pay if there wasn’t a credit value.

Step 2

Check the Credit Purchase option.

Step 3

Select ‘Instant Credit Purchase’.

You will notice some extra optional values. 

Credit Confirm URL – this is where the customer will be taken to immediately after they hit the button.

Credit Button Text – here you can customise the CTA text on the ‘Use Credit’ button. 

Remove Add To Cart – if this is checked the ‘Add To Cart’ button will be hidden and the only way for your customer to get access to the product is hit the ‘Use Credit’ button.

Once you have set up the changed settings to your needs you can hit save.

Your product is now ready to use for instant credit purchase.

Subscription Based Credit Purchases

Fast WooCredit Pro offers support for WooCommerce Subscriptions. Please note subscription options for Fast WooCredit will only appear if WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is installed.  

To create a Woo Subscription credit purchase follow the three steps below. 

Step 1
Select the subscription type. In this example we will use the Simple Subscription.

Step 2
Enter you subscription values, including the price your subscriber will pay each period for their credits.

Step 3
Enter a credit value in the Fast Product Credit box. This will be the amount of credit added to their credit balance each billing period.

Once you have entered your settings hit ‘Update’ and you are done.

You are now ready to sell your credits using WooCommerce subscriptions and get recurring revenue from your Fast WooCredit store.

Display and Edit Credit Balances

Fast WooCredit Pro gives you flexibility when it comes to displaying your customers credit balance.

Provided your customer is logged in and has credit then their credit balance will always be displayed on the ‘My Account’ page.

However you can also use the following shortcode to display their credit balance on any page in your site.


This could be in the header or sidebar so they always have a visual reminder of their available credits.

You can quickly view all user’s credits balances from the default WordPress users list. To view members with the most credit simply click on the column header and it will reorder the users.

To update each user’s credit balance you simply edit their profile and look for the entry box titled Fast Credit. 

From here you can enter a new value or change the existing one. The new credit amount will be immediately available and will be displayed to the customer on the front end of your WordPress site. 

Changing the default word ‘Credit’

If you prefer something unique rather than the word ‘credits’, you can easily change the word throughout the site using currency settings on WooCommerce. To do that,

Step 1
Go to general settings on WooCommerce. 

Step 2
Scroll down to the bottom until you see “Credit label”. Change this according to your preference and save settings.