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Fast GeoDetect

Add Geo-graphic Detection to your WordPress site.

Add geo-graphic detection to your WordPress site. Create campaigns with rules based on your visitors unique location

  • Display unique content specific to your visitors location
  • Display your site visitors country flag to immediately tell them their language is supported
  • Redirect to any site page or external url based on visitors geo graphic location – ideal for EU VAT or country specific landing pages
  • Combine with FastCountDown timers and FastMember coupons to create ultra specific geo targeted special offers

Full WordPress 5 Support

Fast GeoDetect is fully tested as working with WordPress 5 and the latest version of WooCommerce

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One Year Access To Support And Updates

When you purchase Fast GeoDetect today you get access to support and updates for an entire year. If you find the plugin not working as described we will provide support and fix the issue at no extra cost to you. We even take suggestions for improvements and feature requests. If there is enough demand then you will see these implemented at no extra cost.


60 Days Risk Free Trial

PLUS: You also have a full 60 days to try out Fast GeoDetect and see if it works for your business. This gives you an entire 2 months to get setup and begin making sales without any risk whatsoever. You will love seeing the results from Fast GeoDetect or your money back guaranteed.


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All Fast Flow plugins integrate seamlessly with the Fast Flow Dashboard.

You can create any number of unique dashboards and display essential sales and marketing campaign stats from your various Fast Flow plugins. With everything in one place you now have a ready to view control panel which you can use to measure and track your way to profitability.

From here you also install and activate your Fast Flow plugins and manage all your settings in easy to use control panel.


100% Secure - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

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