Credit Card Payments, Subscriptions And One Click Upsells For Your FastMember WordPress Membership Site

Take Onsite Payments For

  • Trials
  • Subscriptions
  • Installments
  • Single Products


Gives you a customizable embeded check out form which can be added to any WordPress post or page. You can style it any way you choose or use one of our page builder templates

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You can fully customise the check out form with options to reduce the required registration fields for purchase down to just an email address or request your customers full billing address.


Let users register at point of sale by asking them to create a password directly on the payment form. This will give your buyers more confidence knowing they can access their products as soon as they’ve paid.

Stripe Registration
Order Process


Log your buyers in directly after purchase, reducing the likelihood of refunds or support issues from misplaced passwords or lost welcome emails.


Create an unlimited number of order forms so you can A/B test your best converting check out pages. Split test as many variations and designs as you need to make the sale.

One Click Upsell


Using our unique Fast One Click Technology, Fast Stripe gives you the power to offer true one click up-sells, cross-sells and down-sells, at any point in the future after the buyers initial purchase. Card details are stored securely on Stripes servers and your members can manage and update their billing details at anytime


Offer your customers discounts and special offers with direct integration for FastMember coupons and dimesales.

Coupon Apply
Stripe Billing Management


Now your members can update their payment details, view upcoming payments and manage subscriptions cancellations from inside your members area. Reduce your support requests and keep your customers happy they have more control over how their payments are being sent.

PLUS: You Also Get

Optimized Check Out Page Templates

One final hurdle when using the embedded form is how to layout your check out page so it is optimized for conversions.

We include specially designed check out page templates for both Optimize Press and Profit Builder.

These page templates are based on designs which have processed millions and millions of dollars worth of orders and include all the elements needed to make sure you close the sale.


Setup SSL In 5 Simple Steps


Even though the Fast Stripe plugin makes it as easy as possible to accept credit card payments directly on your site we still recommend you secure your site with an SSL certificate.

Don’t think this is a problem though!

In our Fast Guide to SSL for WordPress we take you through the 5 Simple Steps To Adding SSL to Your WordPress site

  • Where to get an SSL certificate for less than $5 per year. (One source is for ZERO cost and will secure your site ready for online payments)
  • Which type of SSL certificate you really need. Picking the wrong one could be a costly mistake. You are shown how to make sure you choose the exact type for your site
  • The quickest and easiest way to activate your site for HTTPS. Using one simple plugin you can have a HTTPS connection activated on your site pages in less than 30 seconds. Without this you will be no closer to accepting payments than you are right now.

Dual Promise Satisfaction Guarantee


One Year Access To Support And Updates

When you purchase Fast Stripe today you get access to support and updates for an entire year. If you find the plugin not working as described we will provide support and solve any issue at no extra cost to you. We even take suggestions for improvements and feature requests. If there is enough demand then you will see these implemented at no extra cost.


60 Days Risk Free Trial

PLUS: You also have a full 60 days to try out Fast Stripe and see if it works for your business. This gives you an entire 2 months to get setup and begin making sales without any risk whatsoever. You will love seeing new orders on your FastMember site or your money back guaranteed.

"nothing is faster or simpler when it comes to membership plugins"

Drayton Bird - 

Copywriter & Founder of DBA Associates


"fast and easy to set up while offering all the features and benefits of competing solutions"

Brian McLeod -

LoudMac Creative Inc

"FastMember was built for internet product and membership sales. A product built by folks that understand WordPress and have used it for years…"

Chris Lema - 

Daily Blogger & WordPress Evangelist


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Fast Stripe plugin for FastMember

Optimized Check Out Page Templates

Fast Guide to SSL for WordPress

Fast Flow Licence for a Single Site

Access to a growing global community

1 Year Support and Updates

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Installation & Updates

When you order Fast Stripe you will be given access to download the Fast Flow dashboard and installer. From there you can easily activate your licence, install and update your included plugins.

This means you only need to install a single plugin one time.

Whenever an update or new plugin is available you can install it directly through the Fast Flow dashboard saving you time now and in the future.

Fast Stripe FAQ

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