Fast TagCredit

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Fast TagCredit is a Fast Flow add-on which can be used alongside Fast WooCredit. You can use Fast TagCredit to add or remove a number of credits whenever a certain Fast Tag is applied.

This can be useful for adding or removing credits based on CRM interactions after FastFlow has been integrated with any of the supported auto responder or CRM systems.

How to install the Fast TagCredit add-on

Step 1
Navigate to the FastFlow add-ons, click Free tab. Select Fast TagCredit and click Install Now.

1 Install Fast TagCredit

Step 2
Click Fast Tags and select a tag to edit.

2 assign TagCredit

Step 3
Update the Tags accordingly with the amount of credit, for example entering 10 would add 10 credits to the user account. You also remove credit by entering a negative amount, ie -10.

3 assign TagCredit

When the user is tagged, the amount of credit will be applied or removed from their account.

Important note: If in any case a 0 is set as the credit amount in the Tag Credits it will reset the users credit balance to 0

3 assign TagCredit 0 Credit 1
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Fast TagCredit

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