Fast WooTags

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Fast WooTags is designed to work seamlessly with the Fast Flow tagging system and WooCommerce

Using Fast WooTags you can add tags to users based on both their WooCommerce purchases and their order status.

When used along with any of our other CRM and Autoresponder add-ons you can synchronize your customer purchases and also trigger automations based on their purchases and orders.

This can be useful for cart abandons and customer specific journeys allowing you to create a tailored customer experience for your buyers.

How to install the Fast WooTags add-on

Step 1
Navigate to the FastFlow add-ons, click Free tab. Select Fast WooTags and click Install Now.

Install Fast WooTags

Step 2
Click Fast Tags. You will notice a number Tags have now been added based on the various WooCommerce order statuses. You can add further tags for products or edit exisitng ones. Click a tag to edit or Add a Tag for a new product if none exist.

Fast tags add tag

Step 3
Select a product and edit

Fast tags edit product

Step 4
Add the tag that has been created for the selected product.

NOTE: you dont need to add the order status tags here. They automatically applied/removed when the order status is updated.

Fast tags product

Step 5
Click Update

Testing Fast WooTags

Step 1
Visit your website as a non-member and purchase that particular product.

Step 2
Check the order and click on the user to check the details.

Wootags order

Step 3
The specific tag for has been added now

registered user
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Fast WooTags

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