Fast Tags Explained

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Adding Fast Tags To WordPress Users

Fast Tags are a core feature of the Fast Flow system

There are a number of ways you can add Fast Tags to your WordPress users

1. Manually from each user profile page

You can add or remove the tags for each user on their profile. This makes editing and updating your users quick and easy.

Fast Tags User Profile

2. Using the ftag parameter

This is a simple but very powerful way to automate the tags being applied. By simply adding the parameter ftag=XXX, replacing XXX with the slug name of the tag you wish to apply. You then add this string as a url parameter to any link you want your users to click. Once they click the tag is instantly applied.

For example the following url would add a tag called ‘clicked’ to the user who is logged in if they clicked

In addition, if the user is not logged in you can also add their email to the string.

One typical use case is if your CRM or autoresponder service supports dynamic email field insertion (which most do). Then you can apply tags to users on your site with simple link clicks from your emails when adding the url parameters to the end of your email link.

This may look like this{email}&ftag=clicked

3. Through API With any of our FastFlow supported integrations

For example Fast ActiveCampaign has full support for Fast Tags with API integration to Active Campaign. Whenever a user is tagged in Active Campaign the same tag will be added to the user on your site. This gives you a powerful way of syncing your FastFlow WordPress users and Active Campaign subscribers. We have similar integrations for a number of other platforms such as Kartra and Infusionsoft with more being added.

Fast ActiveCampaign API

4. After any signup or purchase made through Fast Member

Within each Fast Member product you can add Fast Tags to users who register or purchase that product. Once these tags are applied they are available on each user profile just like any of the methods.

Fast Member Fast Tags

5. Using any of our growing number of add ons which support other WordPress plugins

For example our WooCommerce add on allows you to apply Fast Tags to your customers from any WooCommerce product. Once a product is purchased, the Fast Tags are applied and you can make use of any of the other powerful tag based features FastFlow offers, such as dynamic conditional content for your site users.

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Fast Tags Explained

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