Create A Store Credit Bundle Based Product

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Creating a Credit bundle is quick and easy with Fast WooCredit.

Here is how to create a Fast WooCredit product in three simple steps.

Step 1 
Create a new WooCommerce Product.

Step 2 
Select the product type – in this case we will use the simple product. Fast WooCredit supports variable products and subscription products when used with the WooSubscriptions plugin.

Step 3 
Enter the price of the product and set a credit value. This is the amount of credit the customer will receive after payment.

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Set any other relevant product settings, such as Virtual or shipping. 

Once done hit save.

Note that Fast Product Credits Expiry option can be used to reset a user’s credit balance to zero after specified number of days.

You now have a product ready for your customers to add to their cart and checkout with. Once purchased they will have a credit balance to purchase credit items from your store.

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Create A Store Credit Bundle Based Product

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