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Within Fast Member you have the option to create any number of coupons to create special discounts.

These can be exclusive discounts only to members of existing products or discounts for new customers.

You can even tie a discount to a specific affiliate so they can offer a coupon with the need for their affiliate link and all sales will still be attributed to that affiliate.

Creating A Coupon For Your Products

From the Coupons page click Add New


Give the Coupon a Title

Coupon Title

Create a Code your customers will use to activate the discount

Discount Code

Enter the amount the product will be discounted by. This can be a percentage or a fixed amount

Percent Discount

Choose a landing page. This is where anyone who clicks the Coupon URL will be taken

Landing Page

Choose an expiration type. This is when the coupon will expire. It can be after a number of sales or a fixed date or simply left at no expiration.

Expiration Date

Select the products this discount will be applied to. Only the products selected will be eligible.


If you wish you can also choose a dependency. This will require the member to be have already purchased one of the products you select here for the discount to be made available.


You can also add a description. This is for your internal use.


Finally if you have Fast Affiliate installed you can set an Affiliate ID which will attribute all sales through this coupon to that Affiliate without them needing to use an Affiliate link.

affiliate id

When ready hit ‘Create Coupon’

create coupon

After creating the coupon you will be returned to the Coupon List. You will see a summary of the coupon details in each column. 

You can also clone the coupon and view the stats of any hits and sales through the coupon from the options on the coupon list.
When clicking back into the Coupon you will be able to copy the Coupon link for use in your promotions.

When someone clicks this link they will be directed to the Landing Page you chose and the coupon will be applied ready for them to use on checkout.

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