Product Priorities

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When you have more than one product or membership level you may find some conflict can arise over which ‘Members Home Page’ (AKA the default Landing Page after login) your members should be taken to after logging in.

Fast Member has a number of ways to overcome any problems like this.

1. Set A Global Login Landing Page

You can set a global landing page where all members will be taken to after login. This is the recommend overall solution and is set in the General settings and will affect all products. 

Fast Member Global Login Landing Page
Set a global Login Landing page in the General Settings

You can choose to overide this with specific product IDs on the login form shortcodes so you still have control from a specific login page if needed.

Fast Member Insert Login Form Shortcode
Use a product specific login form

2. Drag And Drop Product Priorities

You can drag and drop the order of the products in the Products List. When you move a product to the top this will take priority over the products below. This will only be in effect if the member is part of that product. If they are a member of the product below then those settings will take priority.

Product Priorities
Drag and Drop the Product Priorities

Setting the global login landing page in the General Settings will override any product priorities

3. Login Form Shortcodes

As mentioned you can create product specifc login forms which will always take the member to the home for that product – provided they are a member of the product they will access those pages. If not they will be redirected or shown a ‘non member content’ message.

Fast Member Insert Login Form Shortcode
Use a product specific login form

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Product Priorities

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