ClickBank Integration

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ClickBank integration is done in 5 steps.

1. Open the ‘Advanced Tools’ section in your ClickBank account Vendor Settings page and enable ‘Encrypt Transaction URLs’

ClickBank Advanced Tools Editor

2. Add the Secret Key from ClickBank into the Fast Flow settings page

FastMember ClickBank Secret Key

3. Copy the Fast Member IPN URL from the Fast Member product into the Instant Notification field within your  ClickBank account settings and choose the latest version of the IPN. Test IPN to verify the URL is connected.

ClickBank IPN URL Field

4. Add the ClickBank product ID and vendor details to the Fast Member product.

FastMember ClickBank Settings

5. Add a ClickBank Paylink to your sales page.

You can use Fast ClickBank pro to generate a unique Paylink for your product along with Fast Buttons to add a CSS3 payment button to your sales page.

Full tutorials for each of these are here.
Fast ClickBank Pro
Fast Buttons

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