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The Fast Member Settings panel is found within the FastFlow settings page and is where you will configure most of your global site settings.

Mailing Settings

The General Mailing settings will allow you to set the global email sender name and email address. This will be used in as the sender details for any product notification emails.

Note: Products each have their own sender email settings which you can also enter on each product.

Mailing Method – Fast Member will use the default WordPress mailer. You can change this with our recommended plugin POST SMTP. You can check out a full tutorial on POST SMTP here.

Miscellaneous Settings

Plugin Language – you can set one of the supported translations to use Fast Member in your own language

Currency – Set a site wide currency for accepting payments

Default Landing Page after Login – Set a global members home page. This will override the individual members home page product settings. 

This setting is best used when you plan to sell more than one product or membership. By using this setting you can have a central ‘dashboard page’ for your members which links to the various membership levels and products once they have logged in.

You can view a detailed tutorial on Product Priorities here to understand the different scenarios where the members login page is used.

Non Member and Expired Member actions – these settings decide what happens to non members and those members who’s access expires (ie they miss payments).

These are global settings which will over ride the individual product settings. You can view more detailed tutorials on Non Member and Expired Member actions here

Hide Comments on Protected Pages – this will hide the posted comments on pages which have been marked for protection keeping the discussion as well as post content private only for members who have signed up and joined that particular product.

Delete Plugin Database – this will remove all entries created by FastMember from the WordPress database. If checked and you uninstall Fast Member you will lose all data associated with the plugin. This is only used when you wish to remove all traces of FastMember from an installation. In most cases leave this unchecked.

Use Beta Versions – This will allow you to install the latest development version of FastMember. Unless you want to test the very latest features and can report back any possible bugs you can leave this unchecked.

We may ask you to check this in individual support cases to push a new update to your site to fix any issues.

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Fast Member Settings

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