Sendy Integration

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Integrate Sendy autoresponder with Fast Member. Add your Fast Member members to a Sendy list whenever they make a purchase.

Fast Sendy gives you a quick and easy way to add new FastMember customers to your Sendy email lists.

The moment anyone makes a purchase they will be added to the email list selected inside the Fast Member plugin.

How to install the Fast Sendy add-on

Step 1
Navigate to the FastFlow add-ons, click Free tab. Select Fast Sendy and click Install Now.

Install FastFlow Sendy

How to Integrate with a FastMember product

Step 1
Go to FastMember products list and click on the FastMember product you want to integrate with Sendy.

Step 2
Go to the ‘Autoresponder Integration’ tab.

Step 3
Select Sendy as the autoresponder service.

Sendy AutoResponder Integration

Step 4
Login to Sendy account and Copy Sendy URL & Sendy List ID.

Sendy List ID

Step 5
Go back to Step 3, Paste Sendy URL & Sendy List ID and Click Update Product.

Testing Sendy Integration

Step 1
Visit your website as a non-member and sign up for that product.

Step 2
Go into your email confirmation and confirm your subscription.

Step 3 
Login to Sendy, Click on Sendy List and you can see the new user added.

sendy new user added

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Sendy Integration

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