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Free Products can be created for different purposes including Free Memberships, Site Registrations, Product Upgrades or for adding members to the Fast Mailer Autoresponders.

You can also combine any of these uses (for example a Site Registration which also adds the member to an Autoresponder)

Free Product

Free Memberships

A free Membership is created using a Free product and associating any number of pages, posts or files to be protected as part of that product in the same way you would with a paid product.

Site Registrations

Site registrations

A Site Registration is a Free Product created solely for the purpose of allowing members to register on your site.

The content they get access to will be very minimal and may just be the basic members area pages such as the members home and their account page. They will either have to purchase or perform some kind of action to get further access to content.

Product Upgrades – The Upgrade Button


You can offer bonus products or upgrades that are only available to members of certain products. By using a free product and the ‘Upgrade Button’ your members simply have to click a button to get access to that product.

This can be used as a way to monitor if your members are accessing certain pieces of content. You can even trigger an new autoresponder series once they hit the upgrade button and get added that product.


A Free Product can be used purely as registration product for both the Fast Mailer Autoresponder and any of the integrated Autoresponder services.

Once someone has signed up to the free product they will be added to the Autoresponder you have setup and then you can follow up with them as needed.

Adding Members To Free Products

Members can be added to Free Products with the use of the Registration Form Shortcode. You can view the detailed Registration Form tutorial here.

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