MailerLite Integration

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Fast MailerLite

Fast MailerLite is designed to work seamlessly with both the Fast Flow Dashboard and Fast Member

Once your contacts have been added to WordPress you now have the ability to sync their Fast Tags and Fast Member purchases.

Fast Tags can be used to trigger automation on any other integrated platform which is supported by our growing number Fast Flow add-ons.

How to install the Fast MailerLite add-on

Step 1
Navigate to the FastFlow add-ons, click Free tab. Select Fast MailerLite and click Install Now.

1 MailerLite Install Now

Step 2
Go to FastFlow settings on the dashboard, Click MailerLite

2 MailerLite Settings 1

Step 3
Log on to MailerLite accountClick profile and select Integrations, Click Use button and copy the API key

MailerLite account1
MailerLite Api key

Step 4
Go back to Step 2, paste the API Key and Save Settings.

How to Integrate with a FastMember product

Step 1
Go to FastMember products list and click on the FastMember product you want to integrate with MailerLite.

Step 2
Go to the ‘Autoresponder Integration’ tab.

Step 3
Select MailerLite as the autoresponder service and choose the group you wish to populate in MailerLite.

Step 4
Optionally, you can synchronize Fast Tags with MailerLite as well. To do that, simply go to the ‘Integrations’ tab, maximize the ‘Fast Tags integration’ section and set the tag.

Step 5
Click Update Product.

4 MailerLite Autoresponder Integration group

Testing MailerLite Integration

Step 1
Visit your website as a non-member and sign up for that product. Go into your email confirmation and confirm the details.

Step 2 
Log on to MailerLite, Click Subscribers menu and you can see the new user added.

5 mailterlite integration new user1

Step 3
Click on the new user added to confirm the details

5 mailterlite integration

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